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The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers' Engineers Week 2024 'Our Dream City' Student Design Competition aims to inspire students' creativity and cultivate teamwork spirit through the competition. It seeks to enhance their interest in urban development and engineering knowledge, with the hope that students can apply engineering techniques to create a better and more sustainable urban environment.


The comprehensive overview and sharing session of the 'Our Dream City' Student Design Competition were successfully held today at the St. Louis School in Sham Shui Po. We would like to express our gratitude once again to the numerous schools that actively participated. Your involvement was crucial to the success of the event! This event provides a rare opportunity as it not only provides a platform to showcase students' creativity and talent but also increases their interest in engineering and urban development, while enhancing their problem-solving abilities. We hope that after listening to the overview and sharing session, everyone will gain a better understanding of the competition details. We look forward to seeing the impressive submissions from all the participating students!


Recap on the event day:

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