Hong Kong Engineers Week 2024

The Hong Kong Engineers Week 2024 (HKEW 2024), with the theme of  “Be the Change. 不一樣” , is the flagship event of the HKIE scheduled in 2024 to promote and uplift the image and visibility of the HKIE and the engineers to the public and other stakeholders in the engineering industry in Hong Kong.


As one of the largest events of HKIE, HKEW 2024 features a series of exciting activities, including the "Hong Kong Engineers Week 2024 Carnival”, "Engineer Alliance", "Our Future Engineers Secondary Student Quiz Contest”, “Our Dream City Primary Student Design Contest”, "Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Tertiary Institution Innovation Project Invitational Competition”, "Engineering Career Fair”, and the "HKIE Grand Award".


Get ready for exciting news of HKEW 2024! Stay tuned and be sure to lend your support when the time comes.


Revisit our HKEW 2023 photo here:

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